Optimistic, the Stallion: sponsored by Angela Wilt

Optimistic, the Stallion: sponsored by Angela Wilt

Optimistic is sponsored by Angela Wilt as a memorial to her husband, Dana Wilt. Angela chose a Stallion because it reminds her of Dana who was an adventurous, high-spirited, masculine man who loved life – just like a stallion.

Angela decided to name Dana’s stallion “Optimistic”, for, during his long battle with cancer, Dana remained just that – optimistic – never complaining, staying strong, and expressing gratitude for the times and opportunities he had had in life.

Standing next to Optimistic is “Cassidy”, Dana & Angela’s beloved dog. Optimistic’s saddle, bridle, and blanket are symbols of Dana’s other hobbies: his love of flying, collecting coins and guns, and drag racing his ’41 Willey’s AA Gasser. But most of all, his love for Angela, and hers for him is symbolized by the large heart on Optimistic’s chest.

Finally, on Optimistic’s right rear rump is the brand of Dana’s initials which were monogrammed on the pocket knife he carried with him every day.

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