An autographed Dentzel Carousel Corporation horse

Marianne A. Stevens, often referred to as “the Grand Dame of wooden carousels”, kindly gifted this treasured and Autographed Gustav A. Dentzel carousel animal to our growing collection. As a matter of fact, this is the first Dentzel animal donated to our museum.

A Gustav Dentzel lion replica carved by William H. Dentzel II

William Dentzel, who has been instrumental in the donation of both our antique mechanism and the loan of Dentzel items to our project, carved this lion.

The Dentzels were the first manufacturer of carousels in America, opening their business in Philadelphia, PA back in 1870. They are a vastly important link to carousels in America and we are fortunate to have their kind support.
A miniature carousel the Dentzel family used as a Christmas tree stand

The Dentzel family has also loaned several beautiful and unique pieces of American carousel history to our project. The centerpiece of this is a 1923 miniature carousel. The Dentzels carved two of these, which were Christmas tree stands used in their homes!

The Dentzel family homes were most certainly a centerpiece of attention during the holidays with this working miniature carousel they designed to act as their Christmas tree stand!

Dentzel horses, boar, and painted rounding board panels

These animals (left to right) are from 1895, 1905, and 1885 and represent some of the detail the Dentzels put into their work. The painted panel, featuring a variety of scenes, were used to adorn their carousels.

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