Pay it Forward Project

Nothing brings more joy than putting a smile on someone else's face!

There are so many things we have learned over the past year, but one that sticks out to us here at the carousel is, what a wonderful, giving community we live in. When we were finally able to offer small private gatherings here in early February, we had very generous people contact us and want to “gift” to local families a private session. This filled our hearts with joy and also inspired us to start our new Pay It Forward Project

This project will allow us to invite families to our carousel who might not have the means to spend time here. We will be gifting them with ride tokens and a gift card that they can use in the gift shop or have dinner at our Carousel Café. Our first generous donor contacted me after receiving her stimulus check and wanted to give some of it back to our community. She loved the idea of the Pay It Forward Project. We thank her for the donation and the opportunity to get the project off the ground.

You can pay it forward to a family in our community. Your $60 donation will provide ride tokens and a carousel gift card to a family from a local organization. Some of the groups we are currently working with: Family Tree Relief Nursery and Boys and Girls Club.


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