Board and Staff

Voting Board Members

Burl Wheaton, President
Wendy Kirbey, Founder
Ray Kopczynski, Vice President
Dianne Neglay, Secretary
Rene Miller, Treasurer
Stephanie Newton
Ruth Sellon
Alex Johnson III
Dawn Byrnes

Non-Voting Board Members

Melissa Saylor, Lead Painter
Jack Giles, Lead Carver
Terryl Whitlach, Lead Artist
Rebecca Bond, AVA Liason

Carousel Staff

Peggy Burris
Executive Director

Brandi Franell
Gift Shop Manager

Joy Johnson
Marketing Coordinator

Connor  MacAuley
Lead Operator 

Anny McMullen 
Volunteer Coordinator

Tara McMullen 
Café Attendant

Gary Miller
Facilities Manager

Katie Spowehn
Parties & Membership Coordinator

Our Wonderful Volunteers
Everything Else

Dr. Gary Goby
Albany Carousel & Museum Board of Directors
Board Member from 2005-2021

Dr. Gary Goby has retired from the Albany Carousel’s Board of Directors after over 16 years of service.

Dr. Goby was instrumental in making Founder Wendy Kirbey’s dream come true.  He worked tirelessly from the beginning of the project in 2005, taking charge of day-to-day operations during construction, and then continuing with projects and improvements around the building.   Whether we needed a new sign, a new museum space, or fundraising help, no project was out of his reach.

We will always appreciate his interest in everything from woodworking and metallics, to animals, kids, art, and music.  He proved time and again that he could do most anything he put his mind to and moved easily from one task to another.  He is an effortless and generous organizer with a get-it-done attitude.  He will be missed.

We wish him well as he continues his endeavors for the betterment of the Albany community, including the Creating Housing Coalition, Hub City Village, and the Cumberland Church project.

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