Morgan, the Draft Horse: sponsored by Ron and Carolyn Berlier

Morgan, the Draft Horse: sponsored by Ron and Carolyn Berlier

Resembling the much larger Clydesdale, Morgan is a brown and white Gypsy Vanner. These are showy draft animals with very long manes and tails. Good-natured and intelligent, this Gypsy Vanner proudly stands on the outside row of the carousel.

Morgan is a middle name given to the males in the Berlier family so it is a fitting name for this handsome horse. Morgan’s trappings represent family members, their occupations, and their favorite things. A garland at the rear of the saddle’s cantle contains flowers with special meaning: yellow roses, the sponsors’ favorite flower; violets for Carolyn’s Mother’s name; pink roses for Ron’s Mother’s favorite color; a red rose for love, and white for purity. Hearts on the halter symbolize the Berlier’s many years of marriage.

On Morgan’s breastplate are icons that represent family member occupations: lightning bolts – the Navy symbol for radioman, Ron’s father in WWII; painter’s brush – for house painter, Carolyn’s father’s occupation; World Globe – Navy symbol for electrician, Ron during the Vietnam era; money bag – for banker, Carolyn’s occupation; dollar sign – for banker, daughter-in-law’s occupation; fire hydrant – for firefighter, grandson’s occupation; hard hat – for the construction industry, son’s occupation. Above each icon is a colored stone representing these family members’ birth months.

Sadly, Carolyn passed away in 2014 and won’t see this regal animal on the carousel. Perhaps the Berlier’s special English Springer Spaniels represented on Morgan’s right shoulder, silver & white “Bandi” and black & white “Jodie”, will be reminders in her memory.

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