Foxy, the Little Red Fox: sponsored by Chuck & Faye Daellenbach

Foxy, the Little Red Fox: sponsored by Chuck & Faye Daellenbach

“She is foxy, svelte, a character, looks real to life, like a real fox”. This is the description given by the Daellenbachs who grew up in Minnesota and Wisconsin before moving with their 3 children to Oregon. Faye wanted to stay in one place until their children had a chance to graduate from high school. Their children, Brian, Keith, and Julie Faye have now all graduated from West Albany High School.

The family settled in North Albany with a backyard full of wild roses and an occasional visit from a little red fox – the inspiration for their sponsored animal.

The Daellenbachs wanted an animal that was native to the three states where they have lived and discovered that deer and fox were the only two. Since they were frequently visited by this “foxy” character the choice was rather obvious. Foxy will be seen on the carousel still roaming through the wild roses and the roses will be inscribed with the names of the Daellenbach’s five grandchildren, Michael, Alex, Faye, Kevin and Micah. Foxy also displays the Swiss Dallenbach family crest on her chest.

Faye invited the whole family – 15 members – to come to the carousel at Christmas time. Faye said the grandkids were blown away by the carousel. “They all rode twice”. She did some volunteering as the carousel was being built, but does more now that it is operational. She can frequently be found leading a group of visitors through the history and stories that make the Albany carousel unique.

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