Vincent, the Black Stallion

Vincent, the Black Stallion

Vincent, the Black Stallion

Sponsored by

Joan Jordan

Being a painter herself, sponsor Joan Jordan admired the works of Vincent van Gogh very much. This black stallion, adorned with bright stars, is based on van Gogh's “Starry Night”.

Appropriately named Vincent, this beauty is all black with 6- sided stars painted into his mane and tail. The stars look as if they were cut out of the painting.

An artist’s paint palette and a quiver of brushes are attached to Vincent's turquoise saddle. His saddle blanket is a stylized version of the painting and looks as if it was thrown over his back.

Vincent is a star-gazer animal, meaning he is looking up as if to see the stars in the night sky. He is a middle row jumping animal.

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