Tuesday, the Cat

Tuesday, the Cat

Tuesday, the Cat

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Sam & Carolyn Darby

The real cat named Tuesday was adopted - on a Tuesday - by the Darbys at the Jackson County Animal Shelter when she was one and a half years old. She lived with the Darbys for 18 years, dying one week after Sam passed away in March of 2016.

Tuesday was a "Tortie", a cat breed with two-toned, tortoiseshell fur. Tortoiseshell cats are said to have unique personalities, also known as "tortitude", which certainly described Tuesday. She was loving and playful, but only to her "parents". Everyone else was observed at a distance from high above on the refrigerator or atop a cabinet! Running back and forth down hallways was a true joy!

Carolyn chose to sponsor Tuesday, the Carousel Cat, as a Christmas and birthday gift to her husband Sam. A silhouette of the cat had been on display at the Albany Visitors' Center advertising its availability to be sponsored. It was close to Christmas when Carolyn saw the silhouette and thought it would be a wonderful idea to sponsor the cat based on their own cat, Tuesday.

She also liked the idea of giving it as a gift to Sam. So a bow and a “Merry Christmas, Sam” sign was placed on the silhouette and the next time Carolyn and Sam went by the Visitors' Center Carolyn was able to show Sam his present.

Dentzel cats on carousels frequently have a bird, fish or mouse in their mouths. The real Tuesday was fond of playing with a catnip mouse, so the Darbys chose to have a toy mouse included in the final carving. They also decided Tuesday should not have a saddle or harness, but should have a collar and identification tag.

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