Taffy, the Alpaca

Taffy, the Alpaca

Taffy, the Alpaca

Sponsored by

Ingrid and Ron Reimers

Taffy's sponsorship was a Valentine’s Day gift to Ingrid from husband Ron. Taffy is almost too cute to be real but she closely resembles a real alpaca named Taffy who lived on an alpaca farm in North Albany owned by the Reimers'. The real Taffy had a sweet personality and produced the finest quality fleece of any of their Springhill Alpaca herd.

Taffy is an outside row standing animal. She is very fluffy with feet that look too small to support her. Her ears are upright and peek out of a very bushy topknot that almost hides her huge black eyes.

The colors of Taffy's trappings follow a Valentine’s Day theme. Instead of a saddle she wears a red blanket bordered in rows of roses of many colors. A red and pink collar carries a silver heartshaped locket with the initial “R”, and a single red rose is tucked into the collar.

Taffy is special to Ron's mother, Stella Reimers, as well. Stella watched as Taffy's likeness was carved and painted. Stella was on the carousel's original Board of Directors and stayed a member of the Building Committee through the completion of the new carousel building.

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