Martha, the Quail

Martha, the Quail

Martha, the Quail

Sponsored by

Richard and Katherine May

Martha, the California Quail, is an inside row leaping animal sponsored in honor of Richard May's mother, Martha May. Since quails are ever present on Martha May's family property, as well as on Richard and Katherine's, this animal was an easy choice for them.

The Mays wanted the decoration on this animal to be symbolic of interests in all of lives. Martha May lives in Napa Valley and is involved in the wine-making industry. This explains why the quail's saddle is in the form of a basket woven from grape vines and filled with red, green, and purple grapes. She carries a wine bottle of "Martha's Wine".

The breast plate on this animal is adorned with a large letter "M" and a large Butterfly Koi fish. Additional adornments include a chef's hat, pepper mill, poppies, and California Oak leaves and acorns.

The regal appearance of this animal, earnestly running around with its distinctive topknot, only adds to Martha's appeal.

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