Marcy, the Unicorn

Marcy, the Unicorn

Marcy, the Unicorn

Sponsored by

Bill and Nancy Mickelberry and Family

Instead of a trip or celebration for Bill and Nancy Mickelberry's 50th wedding anniversary, the family decided that sponsoring an animal on Albany's Carousel would provide a long-lasting and personal memorial for their daughter.

Their daughter Marcella, or Marcy, tragically passed away at the age of 16. She is represented by a blue-winged fairy perched near the neck of the unicorn. The fairy is wearing a blue dress and is holding a red rose and ribbons printed with the name "Marcy". As a ladylike touch, the unicorn has small garlands composed of roses of many colors around her ears and draped over the top of her tail.

Marcy's saddle blanket has a wide border in a Celtic pattern decorated with gold on a black background. A band at the edge of the blanket has the names of Bill and Nancy's children. Small gold medallions hang from the blanket and contain the grandchildren's names. And finally, a large ornate medallion, with symbols representing Bill and Nancy's life together, adorns Marcy's chest.

Marcy is one of two unicorns on our carousel. She is a middle row jumper sure to bring a smile to all who see her.

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