Little Sheba, the Palomino

Little Sheba, the Palomino

Little Sheba, the Palomino

Sponsored by

Sharon K. Edwards and Emlee C. Lassiter

Little Sheba is a Palomino horse distinguished by her golden coat with a white mane and a tail that flows all the way to the ground. She is a very flashy and feminine horse. Her saddle is colored in shades of purple. Her blanket and chest pieces are designed to look like pieces of blue yarn woven together and forming tassels at the end. A large blue tassel decorates her pink bridle.

Little Sheba was adopted by sisters Sharon Edwards and Emlee Lassiter in honor of their parents, Glen and Dorothy Ehrichs. She is based on a real, part Arabian horse named Sheba that was owned by Sharon Edwards as a teenager.

When she was young, Sharon wanted a horse so badly that she talked her parents into allowing her to have one if she earned the money to buy it. She picked strawberries and beans and did farm work to earn the $150 to buy Sheba. The first year she rode the horse bareback. The next year her father bought a saddle from Sears so she could show Sheba in 4H competitions. Sharon earned the money to pay her father back for the saddle and she and Sheba won several 4H awards.

Bright and spirited, Little Sheba is an inside row jumper animal who can be seen trotting proudly around the carousel giving delightful rides to everyone. Just as the real Sheba, she brings smiles to everyone.

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