Igknighter, the Land Dragon

Igknighter, the Land Dragon

Igknighter, the Land Dragon

Sponsored by

Elaine L. Murphy and Jack L. Smith

Elaine had dreamed of sponsoring a dragon on a carousel since she rode a Dentzel menagerie carousel in Meridian, Mississippi. She particularly wanted a land dragon because she and Jack were both born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

When it came time to name the dragon they settled on the combination of the word 'ignite', as in to combust or set fire, and 'knight', as in shining armor. So was born Igknighter, affectionately known as "Iggi".

Igknighter is an outside row animal standing noble and majestic. The Zodiac symbols of the sponsors' birth months are carved into this magical dragon’s tail. He has fire in his mouth and a time capsule in his tummy.

In 2009, Igknighter received "Best in Show" honors at the Chinook Winds Coastal Carvers Woodworking Show in Lincoln City.

"Long live Igknighter, our carousel Dragon! It's fun to watch the joy on the faces of others as they ride around and around. Life goes around...enjoy the ride".

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