Harry, the Eagle

Harry, the Eagle

Harry, the Eagle

Sponsored by

Mary Ellen and Harry Eagles

It was not hard for the Eagles to decide what animal they wanted to sponsor since their last name is Eagles. The name Harry was also an easy and logical choice because it is not only Harry's name, but his father’s and father-in-law's name as well. This great American Bald Eagle is keeping it all in the family!

They did not want Harry to look too ferocious for the kids. After spotting a Bend, Oregon article about a rescued eagle with a broken wing they decided to have the Eagle’s face look like the one in the article. His expression was so loving and kind.

Wanting to memorialize their children and grandchildren on the Eagle, they asked the artist put their names among the feathers of the wings. They were to be very lightly blended into the feathers so that you would have to search for them.

Last but not least they had a Jackalope placed on the Eagle just for fun. He has a great expression on his face, looking like he is laughing and full of mischief.

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