Donor Marion Dentzel with rabbit

Marion Dentzel

The Dentzel family, creators of the Dentzel Carousel, have been major supporters of this project. Marion Dentzel, through the American Carousel Corporation, supplied us with the antique 1909 mechanism consisting of 52 animals on three rows. This 50-foot diameter and 24-foot tall carousel mechanism will also carry two chariots, and the inside two rows of animals will be leapers!

William Dentzel III supplied us with valuable knowledge that markedly assisted in the restoration of the mechanism. He has also carved with us to help make the animals of this community project a reality.


Thank You


So very many supporters have made this project possible as we work to make this dream for Albany a reality.

Support has ranged from animal and mechanism and building component sponsorships to outright financial contributions. Raw materials used to carve and paint the animals, computers and office supplies, right on down to food and every day paper product needs have been generously given. Professionals have donated advertising, electrical and gutter work to help keep our project visible to the public and our current building operational, and volunteers come in to assist with tours and the gift shop and even to lend a hand cleaning.

Of course, we would be extremely remiss if we failed to mention the painters, carvers, mechanism staff, and board and committee members who continue to give freely of their time.


Stella & Dick Reimers

Mechanism Workspace Building

Gary Goby

The Lepman Brothers

Jim Dunning – Tangent Business Park – The first workspace for the mechanism.


Platt Electric

North Coast Electric

Marathon Motors

IBEW Training Center

Teledyne Wah Chang – Testing the materials of the crankshafts.

Ormet – XRay inspection of crankshafts.

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