Timber, the Bulldog

Timber, the Bulldog

Timber, the Bulldog

Sponsored by

Albany Union High School Class of 1961

Timber is an English Bulldog placed as an inside row jumper on the carousel. His major sponsor is the Albany Union High School class of 1961, with additional help from other class alumni.

The idea of having a Bulldog as one of the animals for the carousel was conceptualized by several women from the class of ‘61 while participating in Albany’s annual breast cancer walk. It was decided that this bulldog would be a way to represent some of Albany’s history including the first high school and mascot and the Timber Carnival.

Timber was named after the famous log roller “Tim Burr”, the symbol for the Albany Timber Carnival since 1947. Timber's name is placed on his “buck saw” name tag. Timber is adorned with a beautiful “Homecoming Mum” that he will give to his special English Bulldog lady.

Frank Merrill, father of Class of '61 representative Jane Ramsey, drew the original bulldog head mascot design when he was a junior at Albany Union High School. He graduated in 1937. He also drew the Tim Burr image of the log roller. He was president of both the local Junior Chamber of Commerce and the 1946 Timber Carnival Association.

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