Summit, the Burro

Summit, the Burro

Summit, the Burro

Sponsored by

Bob and Gail Johnston

Summit is a lively gray burro with a dark mane and dark hair at the end of his tail. The trappings that decorate him are painted in bright red, yellow, and blue. In case you can't find him, he wears a breast band from which bells are hanging.

Being a pack animal, Summit is fitted with outdoor equipment including a canoe and a sailboat. A camping scene is painted on his saddle.

Sponsor Gail Johnston carved some of this popular animal. The burro was chosen because Bob and Gail spend winters in Arizona where there are many burros in the wild. Summit was named after Summit Lake where the family has camped every summer since the 1950's.

Summit is an inside row jumper so hold on to your camping gear when taking a spin on this beautiful addition to the carousel!

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