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Here are some elements of the carousel, and our lovingly restored 1909 Dentzel Carousel Corporation mechanism, that still need sponsorship.  Remember, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so all of these sponsorship options are tax deductible!

This carousel will have 52 primary, 6 replacement, and 5 seasonal animals.  Indivdiual sponsors work with our design team so that the finished animals are personalized to the sponsor’s specifications!  Outside row animals, the largest, have a $10,000 sponsorship fee; the middle row, the medium size animals, fee is $7,500; and the inside row, small animal, fee is $5,000. (THE ANIMALS HAVE ALL BEEN SPONSORED – THANK YOU!)

Historic Figures
These 5 foot tall carved figures stand on pedestals around the Center Panels of the carousel.  These figures are sponsor customizable.  The theme for these pieces are generalized individuals or industry representatives (loggers, ranchers, farmers etc)  that were instrumental in the development of the Northwest.  $4,000 each. (THESE FIGURES HAVE ALL BEEN SPONSORED – THANK YOU!)

Rounding Boards
The lighted and most visible upper outside rim of the carousel has 18 panels (a few still available for sponsorship), each having a large mirror panel, a hand-carved horse head, and a 14 inch diameter oval painting, chosen by the sponsor, which represents a historical structure.  $3,500 each.

Center Panels
This inside wall of the carousel is made up of four stationary center panels – the drive mechanism for the carousel is housed behind these panels.  Each is painted with a scene of the Willamette River, depicted in one of  the 4 seasons.  Sponsors can customize additional carved and/or painted content that will further adorn and enhance these panels.  $3,000 each.

Picture Panels
Above the inside Mirror Panels are 18 picture panels which are approximately 4 foot square.  The theme of these panels are yet to be determined. $1,200 each.

Mirror Panels
The Mirror Panels are positioned between the Picture Panels and the Center Panels.  Although the mirror is the main feature a native Northwest bird may be chosen by the sponsor to be painted on each panel.  $1,000 each.

With each of these items, the sponsor will work directly with the carousel’s artist and the artist’s liaison, Mary Ellen Eagles.

Contact Mary Ellen at 541-926-8339


The Mechanism:
Our Mechanism was manufactured in 1909 by the Dentzel Carousel Corporation, who were the first manufacturers of carousels here in America.  They started their business in Philadelphia, PA in 1870 and operating until 1933 when they sold their business and relocated to the west coast.  This mechanism was installed in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ where it was in operation until approximately 1953.  At that time it was decommissioned and all the animals, brass poles, and decking were sold.  Ownership of the mechanism was transfer to the American Carousel Association who got the Dentzel family to agree to store it on their property in Santa Barbara, CA, where it sat outside under tarps until it was donated to the Albany Historic Carousel and Museum in 2003.

We have now spent approximately ten years restoring this mechanism to working order and it is now set up and operational and being fine-tuned for full operation and ridership.  Over $200.000 has gone into this restoration, as well as countless hours of dedicated volunteer work, to bring this majestic unit back to life.  This mechanism is sure to pull at the heartstrings of anyone involved in engineering or a mechanical trade and visits can be arranged to see this unit in operation before you make a decision to donate to the fund to restore this treasure.

If you have an interest in helping to fund this aspect of the project then contact Tyson Brown at 541-791-3304, on-line at albanycarousel.com, or come visit him in our studio at 503 First Avenue West in downtown Albany between 10 and 2 from Monday through Friday.


We are looking for businesses and individuals to underwrite the costs to stage our fund raising events.  These tax-deductible donations go toward an array of fund raising needs including advertising, event food and drink, entertainment, and rental fees just to name a few.

Current events we are seeking a sponsor, or sponsors, for is our Halloween Carnival in October.  Underwriting funds for this event will be applied to advertising, materials to make games, paint for a face-painting station, prizes for our games, snacks for the kids, and pumpkins for decorating/carving.

We also have our annual Auction, both live and silent, coming up in November – this is a premier event for the Carousel!  For this we need underwriting for advertising and other printed materials such as silent auction and live auction bid sheets as well as printing and mailing costs to solicit items to be donated.  Then there are needs for food and drink for our guests, as well as finer linen, utensils and plates, and any other miscellaneous supplies.

 If you are interested in assisting Albany’s Carousel project in this manner then please contact Jenny Bouman at justjennyb@aol.com or by phoning her at 541-497-3355.

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